Stoned Brilliance

I am never on tumblr anymore because alex hordes my camera and he broke it -__-

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I see my boyfriend on the internet more than I see him in real life

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I’m a collector of grandma sweaters.

Just take me to a place very very very far away with very very very good weed

You’re funny anon.

I think you meant to say glass, at least I hope so ! Haha, I’d have to say my Adam Driver slide . It was my first Heady piece, and it’s so beautiful , the glass is dark so you have to look at the honeycomb in the light and its Dichroic glass so the whole thing is really just beautiful . Also theres an opal in the handle and a little bit of a wig wag in the actual bowl part , I’ve posted a few pictures of it but they really can’t do it justice.

god seriously go away . 

What your looking for is no longer there .

I’ve let go of the sad little girl I was with you . You can’t control my emotions or my life anymore .

I’m better and theres no where to go from here but up .

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